Tricky Florida Squirrels Can Squeeze Through How Small of Holes?

The Ocala squirrel often presents us with one of the most challenging infestation problems. Hearing the sound that they create during the night can be irritating and will prevent us from catching a good night sleep. The health hazards and damages that are related with squirrel invasion can lead to alarming conditions. This is why you need to find a solution to your woes immediately. The first step is to determine the entry points of the creature.

Determine the Possible Entry Holes of the Squirrels

The Florida squirrels can take advantage of the loose screens in our attic. They can also access our house through the tiny gaps or the holes in our roofs and walls. In order to keep them away from our property, you will need to seal all the access points of the squirrels. Remember that squirrels can squeeze their body in a hole that is around the size of a quarter which is around 1 inch in diameter. The holes can be covered using construction materials such as metal, wood and wire mesh.

Squirrel Deterrents

When sealing the holes in our walls or roof, it is advisable to use a nail instead of staples or tacks. This will keep the construction material firmly secured on the holes. After completely covering the holes, you need to determine if there are squirrels trapped in your attic. Place some breadcrumbs covered with peanut butter in your attic. In the event that the breadcrumbs disappeared, then there may be squirrels left inside your house.

To prevent future infestation, you should limit the squirrels' access on your roof. The limbs of the trees that are overhanging in your roof should be removed. Ask your electrician if they can introduce plastic pipe on your cable, telephone or electric lines. These pipes will rotate once the squirrel steps on them preventing them from gaining access to our house.


Trapping the Ocala gray squirrel is different from trapping the flying squirrel. The usual traps used in capturing the flying squirrels are constructed from mesh wire. Some of the baits that you can use include sunflower seeds, pecan meats, and peanut butter. Squirrels are wise creature. You will need to make them accustomed to bait first. Once they noticed that there are no dangers present, there is a higher chance of trapping them. Place the bait outside of the trap during the first day. Gradually move the bait inside the trap as days passed by. This will increase the possibility of successfully trapping the squirrel.

After capturing the nuisance Florida creature using the live trap, you will have to relocate them. You will need to ask your local wildlife agency to determine the policy and regulations in relocating the creature. In most cases, you will not be allowed to relocate them beyond the 10-mile radius.

Finally, hiring a professional Ocala wildlife control services is recommended if you want a long-term solution for your problem. They can deal with the whole process from trapping, rehabilitating to relocating the creature. You may also consult them about important matters that will help you avoid similar situations in the future.

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